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Add it to your club's specs at no extra cost. 

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Welcome the new generation of gymnastics wear designed to support your every move. Keep your scores high with the extra level of protection and grip.

Embrace the innovative Pro Grip technology, meticulously crafted to support every twist, turn and tumble.

Beginning with the expansion of our Synergy Collection, we're setting a new standard in gymnastics wear. Our commitment to excellence extends to our entire women's leotard range, with the groundbreaking introduction of Pro Grip. Our goal is clear: to integrate Pro Grip into all our Milano women's gymnastics leotards this year, ensuring unparalleled quality and performance. 

With Pro Grip and adherence to the FIG cut, you can have full confidence that your leotard will remain perfectly in place throughout your routine. No more distractions, no points deductions - just seamless harmony between you and your leotard, allowing you to train and compete with confidence. Experience the difference with Pro Grip - where comfort meets precision, and performance knows no bounds.

Say hello to the steadfast grip that keeps you focused on your routine. 

"It has been a pleasure to work with the Milano Pro Sport Design Team, helping them to develop Pro Grip, by taking a technology we are using in other Elite Sports and applying it to the world of leotards with the aim of offering the gymnasts an enhanced performance garment."

- Sally Cowan (Sally Cowan Ltd. UKSI Innovation Partner)

Add it to your club's specs at no extra cost.

Welcome the new and improved standard of gymnastics wear.

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