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Bespoke Design

Work with our expert designers and manufacturers to create your dream garment. This service is suitable for single and club orders. 

Please see below a list of steps outlining a bespoke order journey. Every order is different and will take a different amount of time to complete. Once you have submitted your Bespoke Enquiry Form and have paid the Design Fee, you will receive a rough timeframe for your order. The earlier you start this process the better - don't leave it till last minute!

Step 1 - Artwork

Once the Design Fee has been paid to cover the set up of your garment's artwork, our Team can start their design process. The Design Fee covers only one design per order.

Please fill out an appropriate Bespoke Order form to give our Design Team a good idea of what you're looking for. You can find the Bespoke Order form links at the bottom of this page.

After carefully reviewing your provided informtion, our Design Team will get in touch to discuss your idea. From there they will liaise with you to create the design concept. You may request swatches of our fabrics and materials during this process. 

During the Design & Sample process, you are able to make 1 major and 5 minor changes to your original enquiry. Once the first draft is approved, we are only able to permit two minor tweaks to the core design. We strive for perfection and want our clients to be proud of the finished product, so open communication is always encouraged.

Once the design artwork is approved, our team will work on producing required design specification.

Step 2 - Sample

We strongly recommend ordering a sample before you fully commit to your design, especially if it's a club order. 

If you're unsure about how the colours and the design you chose will look printed, you should get a print sample to ensure you are 100% happy. 

All of our samples are usually sent out within 10 working days, after completing payment.

Step 3 - Order Production & Delivery

Once the artwork is approved by you, our Design Team will begin the grading process if more than one size is required. We then move on to sourcing required materials, printing fabric and diamantes to compose your bespoke garment(s). As soon as your order passes through the last stage of quality control, it is packaged and delivered straight to you. 

Step 3 may take between 4 to 10 weeks, depending on your design and the order quantity. If you require your bespoke garment(s) for a particular event, please make our team aware so that they can set the right expectations for you.