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Cheerleading Uniforms

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Why Choose Milano?

Since Milano Cheer launched in 2012, the range has gone from strength to strength, growing exponentially from day one, it has become the popular brand of choice for cheerleading clubs around the world.

When you buy from Milano you don’t just get a product, you get a piece of sporting excellence. Made with close care and attention in our own UK Factory.

 Using the highest quality fabrics with incredible 4-way stretch, they allow you to perform in comfort and with the confidence that skilled machinists have constructed your garment with pride.

 The latest in computerised and laser cutting equipment allows us to produce the most intricate designs. Plus you have full access to a design team that is without a doubt the best in the sport. Our design team is constantly working hard to ensure that you have the best looking and fitting garments on the floor. They worry about the small details so that you don’t have to. Challenge them to create something unique for your club and they won’t let you down!

Our experienced sales team is dedicated to finding the perfect style at the right price for your club. With a service commitment to deliver your order within your given lead time, you get exactly what you want, when you need it. We don’t tie clubs into any contracts, we rely on you loving your garments to come back again.

When you step on the floor to perform in a Milano Cheer Uniform, not only will all eyes be on you, you can feel proud and confident to be wearing a British-made design, honed to perform for world class performance.

Q: How do i order a Bespoke Club Cheer Uniform?
We are happy to accept your Cheer club order by telephone or by email. When you place your initial enquiry with us, we will guide you through the different options available to you and will be happy to provide artwork ,prices and fabric swatches to help you decide which Cheer uniform you prefer. If you would like to arrange for us to visit you then please contact us at [email protected], we are more than happy to bring brochures, samples and fabric swatches and talk to you face to face about the uniform you require.

Q: Do i have to order in minmum quantities?
Yes. Manufacturing bespoke orders can be complex and therefore we do have to apply some minimum order quantities. The required minimum quantities are as follows:

Women’s First order, standard pattern – 6 pieces (in any sizes)
New pattern – 6 pieces (in any sizes)
All repeat orders – 1 pieces (in any sizes) Subsequent orders of 2-5 will be accepted subject to a premium of 30% on the quoted price. Please ask our club specialists when ordering.
Men’s All standard patterns – 6 pieces (in any sizes), All repeat orders – 6 pieces (in any sizes)
New men’s pattern – 6 pieces (in any sizes)
*Where the minimum quantity of ladies uniforms is being ordered at the same time as your men’s uniforms, we will waive the minimum quantity for the men. Subsequent orders of 2-5 will be accepted subject to a premium of 30% on the quoted price. Please ask our club specialists when ordering.

Once an order has been placed we cannot make changes or add additional garments at a later date.

You can order a sample in size 32 or 34 for women’s and 38 or 40 for men’s. Sample price will be quoted at the time of order and takes 10 working days to manufacture.

Q: Can we design our own Cheer uniform?
We are always happy to look at your design and we will advise whether it can be put into production. The minimum quantity requirement on your first order will be 20 pieces for ladies leotards and 12 for men. The manufacturing time would be a minimum of 6 weeks.

Q: Can I get a Club discount?
Yes. If you order the correct minimum quantities, we will give you 10% discount off all your Club Cheer orders

Q: How long will my order take?
The manufacturing time of a standard pattern is 4-6 weeks from receiving your payment. If you choose a new pattern, the manufacturing time is around 6 weeks, depending on the complexity of the style. If you choose a bespoke diamante which has to be manufactured, the manufacturing time could be longer, but you will be advised at the time of ordering.

Q: Can I return or exchange any Club uniforms I don’t need?
No. All Cheer uniforms are bespoke garments and are therefore non-returnable unless faulty.

Q: When do I pay for my order and how can I pay?
All payments are required at the time of ordering and before we put your order into production. Payment can be made easily and securely by credit /debit card, Paypal or by bank transfer.

We are happy to email you a Pro Forma invoice so that you can clearly see the cost of each item on your order, but production will only commence after payment has been received. Milano will not accept responsibility for any unpaid pro forma invoices.

Q: Can we pay extra to receive our order quicker?
Unfortunately, this is not possible. When we process your Club order, we will advise you of the dispatch date so that you know when the order will be delivered. We cannot accept any extra payment to process orders quicker than the expected target date, as this would cause a delay to other orders which would not be fair.