Welcome to the Milano Pro Sport Design Your Own Club Leotard Centre. Here you'll be able to create that unique leotard that’ll give you the confidence to really stand out!

Follow the simple steps below and you'll be performing in your custom leotard in no time at all...

Step 1

Choose your design.

Step 2

Choose the fabrics and diamantes you want on the design you selected.

Step 3

Submit your design to our team who will contact you to finalise the details and process your order or save it for later.

Design Your Own Club Leotard!

Please read before you start designing your leotard. Manufacturing bespoke orders can be complex and therefore we do have to apply some minimum order quantities. The required minimum quantities are as follows:
Women’s First order, standard pattern – 6 pieces (in any sizes)
New pattern – 6 pieces (in any sizes)
All repeat orders – 1 pieces (in any sizes)
Men’s All standard patterns – 6 pieces (in any sizes)
New men’s pattern – 6 pieces (in any sizes)
*Where the minimum quantity of ladies leotards is being ordered at the same time as your men’s leotards, we will waive the minimum quantity for the men.