Milano on the Road


We can’t wait for the weekend events! 🙌 Is anyone attending the same events as us? Make sure you come and see us, we have our fantastic leotards with us which are super sparkly! 💎

Milano’s Next Top Model

📷 Thank you to everyone who applied to Milano’s Next Top Model! We had so many fantastic entries so it was a very difficult decision! Say hello to our new 2018 winners…

Design Your Own

🚨 Calling all Clubs worldwide:

Put your designing skills to the test and design your next new club leotards by using our Design Your Own page on our website! 🙌 We have over 30 leotard templates, more than 60 fantastic fabric and colour combinations with dazzling diamantes to choose from. Give it a go and send us your designs 👉

As soon as we receive your design, we will send your prices and ordering guidelines. Our manufacturing time is 3-4 weeks so it won’t be long before YOUR Club is wearing its new Milano Club leotard. 
*We manufacture in the UK and ship worldwide so you can all look fantastic wearing Milano! 🇬🇧

Milano on the Road

We are hitting the road again this weekend! 🚐
Make sure you come and say hello if you are attending the same events as us!👋 Good luck to everyone competing