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Avery and Myra

“I just wanted to say a big thank you for getting my order finished in time. Lots of happy gymnasts from Witham Hill Gymnastics Club who were able to send two amazing girls, Avery and Myra back to Canada 🇨🇦 with some fantastically, sparkly and beautiful Milano leotards” – Sal Young 

Summer BBQ 🍔💛🍟🍦

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Yesterday, In glorious weather, the Milano staff were able to relax for once with a Summer BBQ as a huge thank you from the Management team for their tremendous hard work and commitment.

A great time was had by all!!

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Jump UK Gymnastics and Trampoline Club

A massive congratulations to Jump UK Gymnastics and Trampoline Club who had a magnificent two days at the British Gymnastics Trampoline development competition series for 2017. The club came away with Three National Champions, Two bronze medalists, 5th and 6th placings. This is probably the most successful year for the club since forming in the mid 1980s.
A summary of the achievements is:
National Champions; Will Fothergill, Lucy Moores and Megan Davies. Bronze; Amy Pickering and Henry Barnes. 5th; Imogen Postill and 6th; Evie Murray.
Courses for beginners are available for all ages as well as trial sessions. Details are on their website or call 01772 457772.


Morning! Good news…You can now get 30% OFF Platinum stocked leotards by calling us on 01772 277777. We can check stock for you guys and make someone a happy gymnast with a new leotard 


Milano Hit The Road!

Guys, we have a shop at the Jury’s Inn, Liverpool for the TeamGym British Championships and Challenge Event 2017. Special offers available at the event so come and see us! 🇬🇧


Chorley Gymnastics Club


Beautiful photographs of Chorley Gymnastics Club in Reno, wearing their personalised club leotards! Thanks for sharing girls 💜💜 #UKManufactured🇬🇧


If your club is interested in updating their club leotards, please give us a call on 01772 277777. We would love to help!

30% OFF!!

Yes, you heard right!!….

Guys and girls, get 30% OFF our Platinum leotards online using the coupon code WOW30! 😬🙌👌💃


Happy Friday


Happy Friday!! 🎉

We are on the road again heading to the Trampoline League Series 2 at South Shields and the Tumblers Gymnastics Club Comp at North Lanarkshire