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Neil Fox Retires as Milano's Managing Director

Neil Fox Retires as Milano's Managing Director
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As we enter the New Year, we do so with a new found vigour both emotionally and physically. But it’s also a time to reflect on the past and to give some serious thought to the future both on a professional basis as well as personally. During this time some of us have decided to make some lifestyle choices. In the spirit of this Neil has decided to step back slightly from his responsibilities and duties as Managing Director at Milano. 

Neil has steered this ship through rough and calm waters for the past fifteen years, his hard work, leadership and drive has helped create an industry leader in the gymnastic clothing world. There isn’t enough time to list all his accomplishments during his tenure, but suffice to say the affection showered on him by staff and customers alike is a testament to the person he is.

Mark Fryer, Milano’s Operation Manager, who worked closely with Neil said “I would like to offer a sincere and heartfelt Thank you to Neil for the guidance and advice that you have offered me over that past several months as I settled into my role at Milano Pro Sports. Your knowledge of the world of gymnastics, your dedication and commitment to the company that you steered over the past fifteen years has been inspirational”.

With his management team trained, empowered and in place, Neil has decided to step away slightly from the day to day operations of the business but still remain involved handling our dealer network as well as the part he loved the most, the face to face aspect of our industry, the competitions where he will still get to meet and greet the many friends and colleagues he has made over the years.

Neil will be relinquishing his title as managing director and step aside from the mundane running of the company to give a new generation an opportunity, but still offering us his guidance and support for the foreseeable future. 

We would like to thank Neil for his leadership over the past decade and a half and know that although he will be stepping aside from his executive role, he will still be an intricate and vital part of Milano and will be watching, guiding and probably occasionally reprimanding us but always supporting his Milano family. 

It’s now time now to sit back, relax and enjoy life, you have certainly earned it. Think about us when your soaring through the clouds or searching for the elusive Hawfinch. Stay safe and stay in touch.


5 January 2022

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