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Alice Kinsella

2023 European Floor Silver Medallist

Park Wrekin Gymnastics Club // Team GB

Alice started working with Milano in July 2021, just a few short weeks before she represented Team GB in the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. Securing a Bronze Olympic Medal during the Olympics, we witnessed first-hand her professionalism and talent.

"As a tot, I loved tumbling around. At four years old, while watching my older sister, a gymnastics coach noted that I might have a natural aptitude for the sport. It was a happy bonding. I loved doing it and, if I was being encouraged to do it, then happy days." 

(Facebook page, 12 Jul 2019)


Jennifer Gadirova

2019 Junior World Championships Vault Silver Medallist

Aylesbury Gymnastics Academy // Team GB

Jennifer, alongside her twin sister Jessica, joined Team Milano in November 2021. 

She was part of the first British artistic women’s gymnastics team to win an Olympic medal in 93 years, when they claimed bronze at the 2020 Games in Tokyo.

"Think big, trust yourself and make it happen." 

(Instagram profile, 17 May 2021)



Jessica Gadirova

2023 European Floor Gold Medallist

Aylesbury Gymnastics Academy // Team GB


Jessica, alongside her twin sister Jennifer, joined Team Milano in November 2021. 

She was named BBC Young Sports Personality of 2022, as well as Young Sportswoman of the year for 2022 by The Times. 

At 18, Jess became the youngest artistic gymnast representing GB to win a gold medal at the world championships when she was victorious on floor exercise at the 2022 edition of the tournament in Liverpool, England. 

"Do not be afraid. Believe in yourself and never give up in order to keep going forward."

(, 01 Jul 2018)

Comfort Yeates

2022 World Trampoline Championships Gold Medallist

Andover Gymnastics Club // Team GB


Comfort joined Team Milano in December 2022, right after winning gold in the women's tumbling at her debut Trampoline World Championships in Sofia, Bulgaria. 


She won the title of the Elite Athlete of the Year from British Gymnastics in 2023 and we can’t wait to witness her future success.

Halle Hilton

2022 European All-Around Bronze Medallist 

Pipers Vale Gymnastics Club // Team IRL


Halle became a Milano Ambassador in September 2021. By the time she joined us, Halle has already made her mark in gymnastics as a Youth Olympian and repeated English Champion. In 2022, she joined Team Ireland.


"I like to think that the hard days are the best days. To push through them makes it easier on the good days."

(, 02 Aug 2022)



Kelly Simm

British, Commonwealth & World Team medalist

Dynamo School Of Gymnastics // Team GB


Kelly Simm has been an established athlete in a gymnastics community and part of the Milano Team for several years.

She is a repeated Commonwealth medalist and British Champion. In the 2022 Commonwealth Games she won Team Championship, alongside Alice Kinsella and Team England.


"Strength doesn't come from what you can do, it comes from overcoming the things you once thought you couldn't." 

(, 03 Jul 2015)